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Power Air Consulting is your ONE-STOP SHOP for all your aviation parts and components. Power Air Consulting has 6,800  aviation customers from across the globe. We here at Power Air Consulting bring in 14 years of experience and capabilities across the full spectrum of the aircraft spares supply chain.

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  • Aircraft Components and Accessories
  • Agricultural Machinery And Equipment
  • Engine Accessories
  • Ship And Marine Equipment
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    Aircraft Components and Accessories

    There are many parts in just one aircraft that you may need to fix, replace or upgrade. Especially when looking for aircraft components and accessories it can sometimes it can get overwhelming when searching for the right part at the right price. It is always good to know the part number and what group or class they are in. Here is a break down how to find those parts.
    • FSC 1610 Aircraft Propellers And Components
    • FSC 1620 Aircraft Landing Gear Components
    • FSC 1630 Aircraft Wheel & Brake Systems
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      Agricultural Machinery And Equipment

      On our proprietary website Power Air Consulting you are able to find an extensive list of parts within Federal Supply Codes:
      • FSC 3710 Soil Preparation Equipment
      • FSC 3720 Harvesting Equipment
      • FSC 3750 Gardening Implements And Tools
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        Engine Accessories

        There are many types of classifications for parts, and in the world of aerospace it is crucial to keep track of all parts and organize each of those parts. An aircraft will have millions of parts that make up and fly the aircraft, and each part plays a crucial role in the functionality, safety, and trustworthiness of an aircraft.
        • FSC 2920 Engine Electrical System Components Nonaircraft
        • FSC 2950 Turbosupercharger And Components
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          Ship And Marine Equipment

          The Federal Supply Classification handbook has extensive amounts of groups and classes. The organization of these parts play a significant role in the purchasing and the distributing side of the business. It is very crucial to keep track of the parts, since there are millions of aviation parts in the market.
          • FSC 2020 Rigging And Rigging Gear
          • FSC 2030 Deck Machinery
          • FSC 2050 Buoys
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            Unmounted bearings utilizing antifriction properties consist of an inner and outer ring which encase either rollers or balls. These prove highly adept at minimizing friction to a significant degree. Conversely, plain bearings, characterized by their uncomplicated design, offer a remarkably economical solution as they feature a bearing surface without the incorporation of rolling components. Mounted bearings share resemblances with their antifriction unmounted counterparts; nonetheless, they are equipped with flange adapters or hanger box units to cater to specific and distinctive applications.
            • FSC 3740 Pest Disease And Frost Control Equipment
            • FSC 3730 Bearings Mounted
            • FSC 3770 Saddlery Harness Whips And Related Animal Furnishings

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